Indulge in the nostalgic charm of Toska Chocolates, an artisan, gourmet, and luxury Bean-to-Bar Chocolate brand. Inspired by the Russian word "toska," meaning the longing for one's homeland or cherished memories, our chocolates evoke the same emotions when savored. Each chocolate bar is meticulously handcrafted in small batches, imbued with utmost care, love, and honesty. Made exclusively with single origin cacao beans, cane sugar, and free from artificial flavors or vegetable fat, our chocolates exemplify purity and quality. At Toska Chocolates, we take pride in our complete control over the chocolate-making process, from bean to bar, at our Ahmedabad factory. Working closely with organic farmers, we source only the finest organic cacao beans, ensuring an extraordinary chocolate experience that touches the soul.

About The Founder & Foundation Of Toska

Ishan Pansuria, a Civil Engineer by degree is the founder of Toska Chocolates. After his degree, Ishan joined his father’s chemical business. But his love for pure chocolates and passion for making the best fine-chocolates in India, made him quit his father’s business and started exploring opportunities in the chocolate world. He went to Mumbai and joined Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy to learn the art and science of making and eating chocolate.

What is Bean-To-Bar?

Bean to bar is the process of making chocolate from raw cacao bean to finished chocolate bar. When a chocolate is made from bean-to-bar it means that every step of making chocolate is meticulously done by the chocolate maker....





Grinding & Refining



Pouring & Cooling